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Today, two tools, one bonus and one present! yeah! 

Let's talk about social media platforms, I love them but... 

You can rely on them, but that can be risky. Platforms can change, accounts can get hacked, and you could lose access to your hard-earned audience. 

So, owning a website, ensures you maintain control over your online presence and boots your brand's authority. 

In today’s digital world, having a website is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. But don’t worry, getting started is easier than you think. We’ve got two amazing tools that can help you create a stunning website for free! 💻✨

1. MailerLite: 

This fantastic platform offers a simple, intuitive way to create a landing page for your business. Whether you’re showcasing your services or selling products, MailerLite’s drag-and-drop editor makes it a breeze to design a professional-looking page.

Plus it's free to start with!! 

2. Canva: 

Known for its easy-to-use design tools, Canva also has the functionality to build a website, with tons of templates. You can design and have your website up and running in not time! 

Check out all the Website Templates >

So not excuse to have your website. And you want to do it over the weekend?  then check the bonus of today's newsletter:

Bonus: Your website home page prompt

As a special treat, here’s a simple prompt you can use with ChatGPT to structure your website’s home page
(copy the following text up to the 6th point and paste it into ChatGPT, Gemini or any AI chatbot tool you use):

Hi ChatGPT, can you help me create a website home page structure for my [type of business]? I need sections for:
1. A compelling headline that grabs attention.
2. A brief introduction about my business.
3. An overview of my services or products.
4. Testimonials from happy clients.
5. A call-to-action encouraging visitors to contact me or learn more.
6. Contact information or a sign-up form.

With this prompt, you can easily outline a professional and engaging home page that captures your audience’s interest.

Start building your website today with MailerLite and Canva, and take control of your online presence. 🚀

Open an account here: MailerLite

Google Analytics is a great free website analytics tool that gives you numerous amounts of information about your website. But what if you could get more information such as bounce rate, social tracking, mobile tracking, and channels? That's where Google Analytics Universal (GA4) comes into play. With this updated version of Google Analytics, it combines the two different versions of Google Analytics together and adds much more information. This blog will look at what Google Analytics Universal is, why you need to update before July 2023, and how to update.

Why a website owner should use Google Analytics:

  1. Understand website traffic: Google Analytics provides you with insights about their website traffic, including the number of visitors, how they found your website, how long they stayed on it, and which pages they visited. These insights can help you to understand your audience better and improve your website's user experience.
  2. Track conversion rates: Google Analytics can track conversion rates, which are the percentage of visitors who take a specific action on the website, such as making a purchase or filling out a contact form. This can help you to identify which pages are most effective at converting visitors and make adjustments to improve conversion rates.
  3. Identify top-performing content: With Google Analytics, you can see which pages and content on their website are performing the best, such as which pages have the most views, the most engagement, or the longest average time on a page. This information can help you to create more of the content that your audience enjoys and engages with the most.
  4. Monitor website performance: Google Analytics provides you with data on website performance, including page load times and bounce rates. This information can help you to identify areas for improvement and ensure that your website is running smoothly.
  5. Make data-driven decisions: By using Google Analytics, you can make data-driven decisions about your website, rather than relying on guesswork. The data provided by Google Analytics can help you make informed decisions about your website's content, design, and functionality, leading to better user experiences and higher conversion rates.

Google Analytics Universal (GA Universal) is a widely-used tool for website analytics, but it has limitations in terms of providing insights into user behaviour and customer journeys across multiple platforms and devices. To address these limitations, Google has developed a new version of Google Analytics called GA4.

Why we should update to GA4 before July 2023:

  1. Data loss prevention: After July 2023, Google will no longer support GA Universal, which means that website owners who continue to use it will be unable to access their historical data or any new data generated after that date.
  2. Improved user tracking: GA4 is designed to provide more accurate and comprehensive tracking of user behaviour across different platforms and devices, including mobile apps and offline interactions.
  3. Enhanced reporting: GA4 offers more advanced reporting capabilities, including predictive analytics and machine learning, which can help you to gain deeper insights into your customers' behaviour and preferences.
  4. Integration with other Google tools: GA4 is fully integrated with other Google tools, such as Google Ads and Google BigQuery, making it easier to manage and analyze data across multiple platforms.

Overall, upgrading to GA4 before July 2023 can help website owners avoid data loss, gain more accurate insights into user behaviour, and take advantage of advanced reporting and integration capabilities.

So, how to do that?!

Here you have a few options;

If you using WordPress - get the Google Site Kit plugin;

  • Go to 'Plugins' > 'Add Plugins' > and type on the search box (right side) "Google Site Kit"
  • Then, follow their instructions to set up all.

If you using Squarespace, here is a blog post from SquareSpace to update your data:

If you are using Wix, here is a blog post from Wix to update Google Analytics data:

If you are using another platform, follow this tutorial.

And if you don't have time to do this or tech bits are not your strength, I will be happy to help you;

Today between work, training and updates, I bring you a trick, one of those that save your ass. in my case, I screwed up, you will see why, and now since I implemented this trick, I don't screw up anymore.

If you have Gmail or Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite), email software, you will be pleased to see that it has an option to 'undo' = 'undo' or 'cancel' having sent an email.

And that could save your ass or don't make you look bad, as it did for me.

I happened to have it enabled, but only to undo it after 5 seconds. And no, I didn't have time to realise what a big mistake it was to send two PDFs of a quote to a potential client.

I sent two, a draft version without correcting mistakes or errors and the other the final one.

I was horrified when I saw my account, and worse, not being able to 'undo' it in time 😱.

Now, I have this great Gmail feature to undo in 10 seconds!

And I'm one of those who check and check one more time, but sometimes that's what happens. And that's it. Now I have enough time to undo sending an email.

A very useful thing in those moments of sending someone to the '****' for a reason, any reason, and you regret what you said 😅

And how do you do that?

It's effortless. If you use Gmail, go to your settings, top right and click on 'view all settings'.

And from there, in the first tab, General, before scrolling down the page, you will see an option to 'Undo send' - usually 5 seconds (which doesn't give you time to realise what you shouldn't be sending! ) - you can change it to 10, 20 or 30 seconds.

And that's it! If you already knew that, fine! Change it to 10 or more so you don't get caught sending something 'wrong', and if you didn't know, you know something else!

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Did I tell you how much I love tech and digital tools?

Maybe you know by now if you listen to some of my podcasts or follow my blog or social media.

If not, it is my pastime, yes. I find a new tool; I sign up. I play with it and find out possibilities for me, my business and, as a result, for my clients and you.

So today, one tool I discovered while searching to optimise a workflow for a client.

Gmass: it is a service that allows you to send mass emails and email campaigns inside Gmail.

Tell you more in my latest podcast;

If you try, let me know for thoughts, and If you want to try and don't know how to connect to your Gmail or start, book a free call with me >, and I will help you.

Almost every app on our laptop and sometimes on our mobile and other devices has shortcuts.

The first time I discover and start to use shortcuts was when I was learning Photoshop 3 (yes, years ago, I think about 20 years ago.. ), and it opens a world for me.

I could do repetitive and daily tasks faster, like open a new document, safe, close, take a tool from the toolset. I was using so many shortcuts that sometimes I don't use the mouse or trackpad at all, only the keyboard.

The shortcuts I use the most days are Gmail; compose an email, read and archive emails, make it snooze, make it as tasks, delete.
Also, I use shortcuts for almost everything on my laptop, looking for files, open programs, closing, clone files.

So, how can you use this shortcut tip?

Few questions to help you in this;

  • Which Software are you using every day?
  • Which tasks do you use on that Software every day?

Then find the shortcut for that; just Google, the name of the "Software + shortcut", e.g. 'Gmail shortcuts' and you, will find the list on the net.
If you want to use the Gmail shortcut, be sure to activate the functionality under 'Settings > General > Keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts on

If you want to use Gmail shortcut be sure to active the functionality under 'Settings > General > Keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts on.

Another shortcut I use every day is the 'Spotlight Search' on my MacBook, which just with two keystrokes, command and space bar, I can open app, latest files or folders in few seconds, instead of looking at them on my computer using a mouse or trackpad.

Listen to the latest podcast here (2.56min):

And you? Are you using any shortcuts? If yes, which ones? If not, which app you will start?

Do you feel overwhelmed with technology and digital tools?

You are not alone! I feel like that too.

Let me tell you the secret; sometimes we feel overwhelmed as we want to do things quickly, know to an app work since day one and finally, we don't have the patience for it.

So, what you can do about it?

1# Start Small

Don't try to do 'all'. Start with one app only. Learn one thing at the time

2# Small steps

If you feel overwhelmed with technology and digital tools, just take one step at a time. Learn how to use it day by day, one hour maximum at a time.

3# One thing at the time

Focus on doing one task at a time with the app or technology you want to conquer—just one thing. Then you learn that one you can do one more.

Questions you can ask about the app or digital tool you want to use or learn?

  • Do I need this app?
  • Am I going to use it now?
  • Is this going to help me?
  • If not, which app can help me better?

Ask around, google it.

And if you still have doubts, send me an email, I will be happy to help you.

Listen Episode 5 (2:38 minutes):

Productivity is the holy grail for a female entrepreneur! Or that what I believe.

Everyone has their own definition of what means productivity, ask your friends and family to define what is for them to be productive.

For me, it's not working 10 hours a day not stop and produce tons of things, actually the opposite. For me, being productive is to focus on one project a day or a week (my ideal) for 3, maximum of 4 hours, carry on with my project goals (the realistic ones) and don't get myself stress about it.

We have the misconception of productivity in this area, and it does not produce a lot of things, but just the right things for you are working now. And be in your flow or genius, as what you do best.

After many years being a freelance and entrepreneur, more than 15 years now, I have learned, sometimes on the hard way, how to be productive, and what works for me.

We are unique, let's be clear, so here I'm present you few basics and few things to improve, and what works for me, still the best will be for you to try, test and track what works for you.

Basics to be productive

The best machine to be productive and have focus is your body; take care of it!

  1. Sleep well (find your optimal sleep time - 7 - 8 hours)
  2. Eat healthy food and for your brain (fatty fish -omega 3- nuts, chocolate, broccoli.. )
  3. Regular exercise - it has been scientifically proven that doing regular exercise will improve your memory, thinking skills and focus >
  4. Recover - breaks, naps, holidays… Do you experience getting great ideas while on holidays or having a walk around nature? if not, it's time to do it!

Optimise your environment

One of the things I learned the hard way, as a hyperactive person, is to learn to have the less distraction and triggers around me as possible. I can distract so easily, go down the kitchen, see the dish dirty and start to clean them, do laundry, start one thing and open one email so left the previous project halfway... So I have to train myself to avoid all this type of distraction, and it hasn't been easy. I have been working from home for the past 10 years, so it's all about discipline and consistency.

  1. Avoid friction and distractions - clothes ready the night before, clean desk, mobile notifications off, only open the project you are working on. On my latest podcast, I talk about few tools you can use to keep a distraction-free zone while working:
  2. Find your peak hour/block - everyone has a flow/peak hour, do you know yours?
  3. Try and test, record and review - try and test productive structures, tips and ways, I have been tried so many since I started this self-employed journey, and there is no 'one size fit all' - try, test and review to create your own productivity hack
  4. Take breaks: when you don't find the focus or get stuck in something, get out of your desk, or walk out and have a 5-minutes break, have a tea or dance!

Things that work for me

So what it works for me that you can try:

  • Morning routine: I wake up every morning around 6/6:30 am and I do yoga and core exercises, meditation and write in a journal, and if I have more time I studied or read a book
  • Plan my week: I plan my week every Sunday evening, which project I will mainly focus on, which calls I have, what is going on that week.
  • Break down your goals/task: I created trimestral goals for my business and I break them down into smaller tasks - more digestive 😉
  • Be realistic: yes, don't put more on your plate than you can eat! Be honest with yourself.
  • Know your WHY! - My motivation for what I do everyday is knowing my deep WHY
  • Know what I'm good at: so I focus on that and try to delegate the rest 🙂
  • Keep learning, testing, trying new things: I keep trying things, keep learning and be open for other stuff.

And to close this post, one tool I use from time to time is the 'Eisenhower Matrix' - a great way to filter your tasks and duties. Here one graphic of the Matrix to help you filter your tasks

Do you like it?
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Yesterday, while on a call with one of a women networking session, we talked about productivity, tools, and tips.

So in this episode, number 4 already! I bring you three technology tools you can use to help you to be more productive.

#1 Notifications off

Turn off all the notifications in your mobile and laptop/desktop computer, sound and visual notifications while working.

2 Use OneTab in your browser

Keep your browser tidy and less distractive using a Chrome or Firefox extension called OneTab.

You can organise these save tabs in groups and rename the group as the project name.

#3 Keep your ideas

Using Google Keep to keep ideas, things you need to do later, tasks that come to your mind while working. In that way, you will remember them and be out of your mind so they won't distract you 😉

You can listen here:

Tools I mention in the episode:

OneTab Chrome Extension ->

OneTab Firefox Extension ->

Similar to OneTab for Safari - Tabs Saver ->

Google Keep ->

Friday's Tech Tip - Episode 3


Yes, let's talk about money, and as women and women entrepreneurs, this is an issue.

We need to get our finances in 'control' and not in a freak way but in awareness, clever way to know where and how to use our money, and find best ways to use it.

So in today Friday's Tech Tip episode, I talk about money, mindset, and just two exercises with simple technology to track your expenses and be aware of where your money goes.

Here today's episode:

Tools and apps I talk about in the podcast:

MoneyBoard App (iPhone):
Alternative for Android - Money Manager:

Keep App:
Your phone notes App
And your willingness to do it!

Latest Podcast Episode

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I love recording this mini audio podcast, so every two weeks, tips on tech and digital tools!

Episode 2: A productivity tip to track your processes and get hours back during your day.

Did you ever try to track the time you are using to do things every day? 
It will surprise you if you do, and also, you can get some minutes and hours back during the day if you do. 
Listen to my Friday's Tech Tip on how to track your process/task and which simple tool you can use. 

You can listen it here (4:21 min long):

Latest Podcast Episode

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