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Essential tools and skills to grow and scale your business

Part 3 of The tools of the trade for entrepreneurs

In this part 3, I will talk about the essential tools and skills you need to grow and scale your business.

And last Friday, I missed to posts my podcast, yes, life happens, and sometimes we just need to go with the flow. Even I have a plan when posting and publish content; I'm very realistic with life. So I couldn't post my content as usual last week, and that it's ok.

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Friday's Tech Tip - Episode 10

Tools of the trade to grow and scale your business

Here is the list of tools and skills to grow and scale your business:

  1. A cloud service:
    I use few of them, Dropbox for both personal and business, Google Drive mainly for business and Livedrive for just personal.
    Essential to have all your important business files accessble everyone and easy to share ith your clients when they need a file or sign a document
    Dropbox >
    Google Drive >
    Livedrive >

  2. Copy: learn how to right a good copy for your business is essential. Learn the basis and then delegate when you can.

  3. Know your process: how do you do things, processes in your business?
    In one of my blog post: How to have more time for you and your business > I talked about the important to track your processes and check what is working and what is not.

  4. Automate: after check what is working in business, and how to do your processess, then you can next the next step and automate as many as you can. Emails responds, check payments, onboarding emails for clients...
    I use Zappier and Automate for some of my process, and MailerLite automations for email and emails onboarding for clients.

  5. Check your data: get to know your data form your website and social media communications channels to plan your next steps.

  6. Have a plan: yes, having a plan help you to get clear in your next steps.

  7. Digitallize your notes: my last tool adquisisiont and a way to keep all my files in one place, I'm not losing my papers any longer. Remarkable 2 is a really remarkable! (the referral link give you 40€ off.

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