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8 essentials digital tools to run your business with confidence

In my last podcast, I talked about the 3 only tools you need when starting a business or test a business idea. You can check it out here >

Today I bring you the part 2 of 3 of Tools of Trade in digital tools to empower your business.

Part 2. Essential digital tools to run your business with confidence and don't crash half way there.

#1. Google Drive

Get the space upgrade and start to use this fantastic tool to save, organise and keep all your files for your brand and clients. It's too easy to share files between people and a team, keep track of all the changes and updates, and you can access them via your mobile if you need to.

#2. Automations with email marketing

If you don't use it yet, start today. Create automation inside your email marketing tool; MailChimp, Mailerlite and many others offer automation for welcome email when someone subscriber, a follow up after a purchase, a client journey as series of email for the onboarding process and more.

#3. Calendar

If you already have Google Suite, use Google Calendar and sync all your work, family, and team calendars in one only. You can add many calendars to Google Calendar and subscribe to other's people and projects calendars.

#4 Task manager

Get on top of your task. I'm not talking about a to-do list, but more about the task you know you need to do for a project, or part of your business carry on.

Here you can use Google Tasks that it's nicely integrated with Google Calendar, and from Gsuite Email or Gmail, you can make a task from email.

Or, if you already have a team or a person helping you in your business, check out Trello or TeamWork (visual project managers) to help you keep track of your business.

#5 Designer app

Here you have few options.

  1. Canva Pro, great features to keep your brand consistently and optimised your time as 'resize for social media' feature and teamwork
  2. Affinity Apps: if you are more advanced in design, try Affinity, professional creative software that doesn't cost the earth! And I love it! Actually, check them out as they give 90 free trials and are currently with a 50% off offer.
  3. Pay for someone to do your graphics and designs: if you don't have the time, and design bits are one of your weaknesses, it will be worth paying someone to do it and more cost and time effective.

#6 Whatsapp or a business phone line

If your business is growing and you want to do work even more, it's time to have a business phone line (a new sim card) or WhatsApp for business, which it's free. So you can customise automatic reply messages when you are not 'reachable' and be clear of your business hours.

#7 A domain with your brand name

In case you don't have it yet, it's time. Having a domain (that URL on the top of the browser, mine is '') shows you are professional and have a good business. And get an email under that domain, as ''. Having a professional email will show more trust and credibility for your brand.

#8 Website

As an established business and have clients, it's time to have a 'decent' website. A website is your business card to the world; it's how you present yourself. Here you have two options only:

  1. Do it yourself; so thinking well and choose a tool you can handle as WordPress, Squarespace or other,
  2. Or you choose a professional to do a website for you.

Next podcast, I will share a PDF with all the digital tools and link to each one.

Any tool you use and want to share in the comments? Tell me!

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