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The only three digital tools you need when starting a business

There are many digital tools to use.

Sometimes it is hard to choose which is 'right' and more, which one will work for you.

So my aim on helping you on making digital tools easy and make them digestive; I'm creating a list of my tools of the trade.

Actually, I'm creating three different lists because the tools I use maybe not be the tools you need. So depending on the stage of your business and what you should focus on.

In today episode, I will list the 'starting stage tools'. So if you are starting a business or you have a business idea, and you don't have much time and money to invest, or maybe you have time but no money to invest.

Tools for a starting a business stage:

#1 Email marketing tool

MailerLite or Mailchimp to capture email address for potential and offer a freebie in exchange for their email.
With this tool, you can even create a mini-website or landing page to collect email addresses.

#2 A surveys tool

Google forms or Typeform - to survey potential clients about the product or service you want to offer - testing before investing!

#3 A Design tool

Canva: to do graphics for your social media account and create a nice freebie - PDF, infographics, recipes.

Listen to full episode below:

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