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Episode 7 of Friday's Tech Tip!

Let's make our lives easy with digital tools, how?

Group them!

#1 Group your emails accounts

I use Gmail (or Google Suite) to group all the emails I have access to and own, so in one email account, I can check and send from, without the need to check other apps or go to the browser to open that email account.
Under Gmail, go to the top left, cogs symbol, and click 'settings' > 'see all settings', there you will find a tab for 'Accounts' - there you can find where to add another email account to 'send email as' and 'check email from other accounts.

In one mail account, you can access all other emails and send them on behalf of that email account without login in somewhere else. This functionality is not only in Gmail; many other email apps and services provide the same functionality.

#2 Group your calendars

As similar to the email accounts, I use one Calendar app or browser tab to see all my other calendars; how? I subscribe to those via a link or via email access. That prevents me from opening a browser tab to check one specific calendar or an app on my mobile. And one view, I can see all the meetings and appointments that come up.

#3 Group your bank accounts

I use the app Fintonic to check my bank accounts, which are in a different bank, instead of opening each bank app or opening my bank account in the browser to check my balance and outgoing payments.
To simplify your life, group accounts, email, calendars, and bank accounts in one app or account and make the technology for less but better.

Leave me a comment if you want to group a few similar accounts and you don't know which app/service to use. Or, if you use this method, tell me below which accounts/services for! I would love to hear from you.

You can listen to the full episode here:

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