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How you can improve your workflow on a daily basis


Almost every app on our laptop and sometimes on our mobile and other devices has shortcuts.

The first time I discover and start to use shortcuts was when I was learning Photoshop 3 (yes, years ago, I think about 20 years ago.. ), and it opens a world for me.

I could do repetitive and daily tasks faster, like open a new document, safe, close, take a tool from the toolset. I was using so many shortcuts that sometimes I don't use the mouse or trackpad at all, only the keyboard.

The shortcuts I use the most days are Gmail; compose an email, read and archive emails, make it snooze, make it as tasks, delete.
Also, I use shortcuts for almost everything on my laptop, looking for files, open programs, closing, clone files.

So, how can you use this shortcut tip?

Few questions to help you in this;

  • Which Software are you using every day?
  • Which tasks do you use on that Software every day?

Then find the shortcut for that; just Google, the name of the "Software + shortcut", e.g. 'Gmail shortcuts' and you, will find the list on the net.
If you want to use the Gmail shortcut, be sure to activate the functionality under 'Settings > General > Keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts on

If you want to use Gmail shortcut be sure to active the functionality under 'Settings > General > Keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts on.

Another shortcut I use every day is the 'Spotlight Search' on my MacBook, which just with two keystrokes, command and space bar, I can open app, latest files or folders in few seconds, instead of looking at them on my computer using a mouse or trackpad.

Listen to the latest podcast here (2.56min):

And you? Are you using any shortcuts? If yes, which ones? If not, which app you will start?

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