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How to bring your physical business easily to the online world

Physical business ≠ Online business

Having a conversation with a client a few days ago, as we are doing a digital transformation of her physical business to the online world. She has an online presence and social media channels, but there is something you need to do before offering her product and service online if you are coming from a physical place. 

Finding out the whywhat and who of her online side of her business. 

If you have well though brand, your Why will be the same, then the What depends on your offer, which could differ from the one you were offering before. There are some things you cannot get online. The experience and feel of a product as a fitness class; you cannot recreate that in the online world. It will be a different experience, and it will have other benefits. 

Then the Who is critical, who is your ideal client. You can find out that it's the same for some products and services, but for others, the ideal client is very different.

These three pillars are critical for the transition of the physical business to selling online. 

After knowing that, the How and What to use on digital tools will be easy to define and understand. 

So, do you have your Why, What and Who defined in your business? 

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