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Planning 2021, key questions to make the most of this new year

You are the priority!

Last week you did a review of 2020, and wow, what a year, if you didn't see my post and free 'Review 2020 Workbook' you can find it here:

One more end of the year review, but better 😉

This week, I'm bringing you a Plan 2021, one that you are the priority, a lesson I learned, on the hard way, of course, that if you don't take care of your self, you cannot take care of your business and your family.

We will do first a bit of brainstorming and cutting to have a clear list for projects and goals. On the way, we won't feel overwhelmed, and we will be able to make to most of 2021.

Find a comfortable place, switch off distractions like mobile phone and close tabs in your browser, or close your browser fully (after reading this, of course...) and if you cannot (not every time I do that) just choose to be present and do the 2021 workbook the best you can, there is no wrong or right here, just you.

And if you have the chance to do in a group, I will highly recommend to do it with a group of friends or fellow entrepreneurs.

Here the link to download the Planning 2021 workbook:


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