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8 things you can do today to improve your productivity

Productivity is the holy grail for a female entrepreneur! Or that what I believe.

Everyone has their own definition of what means productivity, ask your friends and family to define what is for them to be productive.

For me, it's not working 10 hours a day not stop and produce tons of things, actually the opposite. For me, being productive is to focus on one project a day or a week (my ideal) for 3, maximum of 4 hours, carry on with my project goals (the realistic ones) and don't get myself stress about it.

We have the misconception of productivity in this area, and it does not produce a lot of things, but just the right things for you are working now. And be in your flow or genius, as what you do best.

After many years being a freelance and entrepreneur, more than 15 years now, I have learned, sometimes on the hard way, how to be productive, and what works for me.

We are unique, let's be clear, so here I'm present you few basics and few things to improve, and what works for me, still the best will be for you to try, test and track what works for you.

Basics to be productive

The best machine to be productive and have focus is your body; take care of it!

  1. Sleep well (find your optimal sleep time - 7 - 8 hours)
  2. Eat healthy food and for your brain (fatty fish -omega 3- nuts, chocolate, broccoli.. )
  3. Regular exercise - it has been scientifically proven that doing regular exercise will improve your memory, thinking skills and focus >
  4. Recover - breaks, naps, holidays… Do you experience getting great ideas while on holidays or having a walk around nature? if not, it's time to do it!

Optimise your environment

One of the things I learned the hard way, as a hyperactive person, is to learn to have the less distraction and triggers around me as possible. I can distract so easily, go down the kitchen, see the dish dirty and start to clean them, do laundry, start one thing and open one email so left the previous project halfway... So I have to train myself to avoid all this type of distraction, and it hasn't been easy. I have been working from home for the past 10 years, so it's all about discipline and consistency.

  1. Avoid friction and distractions - clothes ready the night before, clean desk, mobile notifications off, only open the project you are working on. On my latest podcast, I talk about few tools you can use to keep a distraction-free zone while working:
  2. Find your peak hour/block - everyone has a flow/peak hour, do you know yours?
  3. Try and test, record and review - try and test productive structures, tips and ways, I have been tried so many since I started this self-employed journey, and there is no 'one size fit all' - try, test and review to create your own productivity hack
  4. Take breaks: when you don't find the focus or get stuck in something, get out of your desk, or walk out and have a 5-minutes break, have a tea or dance!

Things that work for me

So what it works for me that you can try:

  • Morning routine: I wake up every morning around 6/6:30 am and I do yoga and core exercises, meditation and write in a journal, and if I have more time I studied or read a book
  • Plan my week: I plan my week every Sunday evening, which project I will mainly focus on, which calls I have, what is going on that week.
  • Break down your goals/task: I created trimestral goals for my business and I break them down into smaller tasks - more digestive 😉
  • Be realistic: yes, don't put more on your plate than you can eat! Be honest with yourself.
  • Know your WHY! - My motivation for what I do everyday is knowing my deep WHY
  • Know what I'm good at: so I focus on that and try to delegate the rest 🙂
  • Keep learning, testing, trying new things: I keep trying things, keep learning and be open for other stuff.

And to close this post, one tool I use from time to time is the 'Eisenhower Matrix' - a great way to filter your tasks and duties. Here one graphic of the Matrix to help you filter your tasks

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