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How to increase your productivity using technology


Yesterday, while on a call with one of a women networking session, we talked about productivity, tools, and tips.

So in this episode, number 4 already! I bring you three technology tools you can use to help you to be more productive.

#1 Notifications off

Turn off all the notifications in your mobile and laptop/desktop computer, sound and visual notifications while working.

2 Use OneTab in your browser

Keep your browser tidy and less distractive using a Chrome or Firefox extension called OneTab.

You can organise these save tabs in groups and rename the group as the project name.

#3 Keep your ideas

Using Google Keep to keep ideas, things you need to do later, tasks that come to your mind while working. In that way, you will remember them and be out of your mind so they won't distract you 😉

You can listen here:

Tools I mention in the episode:

OneTab Chrome Extension ->

OneTab Firefox Extension ->

Similar to OneTab for Safari - Tabs Saver ->

Google Keep ->

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