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Are you sending emails one by one with your service/product offer?

Or how to create a sales page in less than two hours and sell more

Apart from the time you spend doing that, sending emails to every single person they ask you for your product or service via email. Also, if you don't have a smooth and fast payment process, then the selling will be hard, and you could end on fewer sells. 

One of the reasons a person don't finish the pay/buy process is due to how difficult or how many steps is that the payment process.

Let's fix that, if you have a sale page instead of sending one by one emails and on it, you have an easy way to pay, book or register, then your chances to sell more increase, and also, you will spend less time sending emails! 

A simple and clear sale page

A sale page should be simple, and you can publish one in just two hours, even without a website.

Yes, two hours, here three simples steps you need to do to start to offer your services or products online and stop sending manual emails or your bank account details to prospects. 

Sales page frame sample
sale page frame sample

So three steps to have your sales pages in up and running in two hours. 

  1. Get all the info and images for your product/service: a catchy headline, an explanation, presentation of the problem, description of your service/product, benefits, testimonials, bonus, offer, guarantee and a call to action - buy or register now.  
  2. Have a WordPress site, create a plan new page, use Elementor (visual builder) and get a landing page template, then add all the elements on the first step.
    Don't have a website yet, open a Mailchimp or sign up to your MailChimp Account, go to 'website' section and create a landing page, use a template to add all the info and elements on the first step.
  3. Get payments fast: if using MailChimp, on the same page as 'edit your website', you can add your stripe account and create a 'pay now' button for your product/service.
    Or use Paypal, both for MailChimp or your WordPress site, and use 'sell on social media sell option. A quick and easy way to offer your product/service and get pay straight away.

    Or get people to register instead, using a simple MailChimp signup form or on Elementor email form if you use WordPress + Elementor.

That it! Click the publish button!

And now to share the link in your social media, WhatsApp, email newsletter, added it to your bio in Instagram. And start to get more booking for your service and product and less time sending one to one emails. 

If you get stuck, let me help you, and not cost, book a free strategy call and I will help you to set up your page or get the next step

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