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How to be a women entrepreneur and don't die trying


It never occurs to me if I was or wasn't an entrepreneur. I think as an adventurer and curious person I am I loved to tried things. And I never get comfortable with the standard type of life, or I never really want it. I'm not a 9-5 office person, and when I worked as one, it didn't last long.

Just for definition, an entrepreneur; is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

I love to be creative and have freedom of what I do and how I do it so for me the only option to do that is to be a freelancer, or as know, we call it, entrepreneur. 

My journey

I started since early age doing odd jobs to have some cash, as my family was a hard-working family, and they didn't give me any week money. When I got a heritage from my grandmother, I invested in gas and oil shares. The love to be curious and keep learning. I did many courses, keep learning and keep open to get better in what I love.

I worked as a photographer, graphic designer, shop assistant, a cashier in a casino, waitress, web designer, teacher, digital consultant... 

A list of a few businesses created: photography services, coffee place, teaching academy, web design studio, digital coach consultancy.

More than 20 years, it looks me, to be where I'm now. As a woman entrepreneur, working in what I love; helping women with technology and digital tool.

And this is not my end of the journey, for me, this is just the beginning. I have plans to do other things, to grow, to share my knowledge, to write a book, to travel (when it will be possible), and so on. 

And of course, this entrepreneur life is not for everyone, and it's not easy. Just find your way to work and create your own definition of success and balance.

I love it as it gives me the freedom to organise and create my work life around my family, passions and hobbies. 

Here a few tips to help you in this journey: 

  • Create a life you love
  • Join a women community to keep your self accountable and don't feel alone in this journey
  • And keep your mind open and keep learning

So if you chose this life, yes, it's possible; to have it all and have your balance between work and family. 

If you feel overwhelmed with technology or doing so many manual tasks in your job, let's have a chat, I can help you.  

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