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How to have more time for you and your business

Entrepreneur life, freelance and business life can be challenging if you do alone, and more if you want to do all by yourself.

I learned on the hard way, as much as I love my job I cannot do all, and sometimes we don't have resources to hire someone.

So what I can do!?

Simple, find which process you can automate in your business.

"There is a rule that applies to all, 80/20, what 20% of your efforts bring in 80% of your results?"

How to start?

  • Step 1. Find which process you do on a daily or weekly basis, and document them
  • Step 2. Evaluate those process
  • Step 3. Improve the process = automate them if you can.

Few samples you can start to simplify your life with some automated process or templates that help you in the long term.

Repeating tasks:

Emails: schedule emails for clients, follow-ups and even the most question/s asked via email.

You could set up and automate responds base on key subject words and even an automatic reply with the most question asked and give the answers to your website or other file and still write it if it was you to write the email.

E.g., I have a sequence of follow up email when someone signup on my website = customer journey. And also I had set up a series of follow up emails for clients' work.

Invoices: are you still manually send an invoice to your clients every month and then check if they pay you?

You can use Stripe, Paypal or other invoice payment tool to create a repeat invoice and just get notifications if someone didn't pay or your money in the way of your bank (oh yeah!).

Booking: how long it take you for you and a prospect check and confirm both available to book time in your calendar for a call? Few hours?

I use a booking tool for any client and prospect book my time, so I will know when is coming up on my calendar (all sync) and I don't have to go back between emails and WhatsApp of 'what time works for you?"
Tools you can use; Calendaly,, WordPress booking system for your website.

Posting in social media: are you still thinking about what to post on social media and when?

Organise your calendar so every month you book your self for a whole day so you can write, create and organise your social media posts for an entire month, and schedule them with a social media schedule app (Preview, Later, Facebook Business Suite or other Social Media scheduler app).

“Make your life easier and make apps and systems work for you, not the opposite. “

Zapier and help you to create automated workflows tasks.

Tell me which apps or tools use to automate your task, and if you want to find how to improve your workflow get a 30 minutes strategy call with me here ->

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