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How to make sure your product or service will sell online

Which three things you can do today to validate a service or product to sell online

One of the main things to make sure your service/product will be selling it’s to test it in the market before!

Sometimes we are driving my the enthusiasm of a great idea we have, and we put all our energy out there to create it, shape it, make it ‘perfect’ and then added to our online shop, but then, after few days we realise that no-one is buying or just a few people.

What happens? Is my sale page wrong? The copy?

“The best marketing in the world can’t sell things that people just don’t want to buy. “

Well, many factors, but the main one is not to test and try your idea in the market. Yes, as simple as that.

#1 Ask

Ask! Share your initial idea with your network, ask friends, past and current clients.
Ask for opinion, set up a feedback form, get interested and start collecting data and emails in case they want to hear more!

#2 Try

Try! Make a test version of your product or service and give it for free or for a special price.

Set up a quick and a simple version of your service or product - a beta version, so you can test it with real people. This is the best way to get feedback, to see what is working and what it's not working - and make your service or product better.

#3 Check

Check! Read all the feedback, all the data and make your product/service better or try another one if that one didn't work.

Check and talk, ask all the people who use your service or product what they liked the most and what didn't work for them.

If you are starting now, just begin to try and do a simple demo, don't complicate your service or product, sometimes less is better. Start small for now you can make it bigger if you need it, later.

And you? Did you test your idea/products before sell?

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